Hello from Ideal Stencils! Stencils can be used to paint and add decoration to any surface. In this project we are using our Chevron stencil and transforming a rather bland, plain white wall letter initial into something with more colour and pattern. Chevron patterns are really on trend at the moment. They can be used in any room of the house and the pattern is bold, geometric and modern. Our stencils are great for wall decor and also smaller sizes can be used for other projects such as this one.


These are the materials we need for the job. We always use the repositional spray mount on the reverse of the stencil, to make it tacky. This ensures the stencil doesn’t move and also give us crisp edges. We chose to use some green emulsion from a tester pot and we are going to apply it with a dense foam roller, which is a quick and easy way to storm through a project like this. See for more – How to stencil with a roller

We lined up our chevron stencil on the letter and then loaded our roller with a little paint, before blotting it off onto some kitchen roll to get rid of all excess paint.

Then it was a case of lightly rolling the paint on transferring the chevron design to the letter. Roll in from the edges when you can to stop paint bleed. Move the stencil over the letter and keep painting. We used a hair dryer to quicken up the drying time as the stencil when moved around overlapped painted areas.

Chevron stencil project painting 2nd layer

You can see here that we needed an extra layer as the paint was quite thin. So we just repositioned the stencil and did an extra layer.

Chevron stencil project finshed

And there you have the finished ‘D’- much improved from the plain white one we started out with. Wash the stencil, store it away and get it out for the next project. What will you decorate with your stencils?

Please see our full range of stencils at Ideal Stencils.

Thanks for reading and we would love to hear your comments below!

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