Hello, Ideal Stencils are happy to announce we have a great new range of Ikat pattern wall stencils available in our online shop. Please see our new designs in the slide show images below and read on for more information about this popular and exciting style.

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Ikat textiles originate from south east Asia and the word Ikat mean ‘to tie’ because of the method they use which is to tie loose threads of the material to make them resistant to the dye and thus creating the pattern. The resulting patterns have a blurry edge to the motifs which is a characteristic of Ikat textiles. There is a variety of different patterns and colour schemes throughout the fabrics, depending on the regions in which they were made and now you can be creative and add these popular and on trend home decor designs to your walls. Choose your own paint colours and do it in your own unique way.

The stencil lends itself perfectly to this type of pattern as the hand painted effect of stenciling enhances the overall effect of these textile based patterns, and when repeating the pattern over  a large wall area, if things don’t line up perfectly, the patterns are very forgiving and so are great for even the novice or first time user.

What do you think of our new Ikat range? Comment below… Let us know if you have used the Ikat pattern in your home and how…We would love to hear from you…

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