Welcome to our latest blog post on ‘SINGLE USE VINYL STICKER STENCILS’

This stencilling solution is especially useful for getting your logo or lettering design painted exactly as it is, without having to edit the design with unwanted connecting areas that are needed for most stencils. One time use vinyl  transfer stencils are transferred onto the surface, you then paint the design , before removing and discarding the stencil. We have had interest in these stencils for people wanting to paint designs on all sorts of surfaces – walls, vehicles, furniture etc

Please see this example of edits that would need making in a standard stencil –

Edits for stencilled letters
Reusable stencils need to have edits in the design so that they are stencil friendly but with our one time use vinyl stencils these edits are not needed and designs can be painted exactly as they are.


your vinyl stencil explained
The stencil is made of 3 parts as shown. The carrier paper which holds the vinyl stencil and the transfer tape is used to transfer the stencil to your surface


rub over the stencil to ensure the transfer tape is stuck well to the stencil
Rub over the front of the stencil, especially small detailed areas, to make sure that the transfer tape is stuck well to the stencil


Peel the vinyl stencil from off the carrier paper
Peel the vinyl stencil and transfer tape layers off the carrier paper… if any parts of the stencil stay stuck to the carrier paper then, lay it back down and rub over that area until it sticks tot he transfer tape.


Apply the stencil to the surface and rub down well
Transfer your stencil to your chosen surface and rub the stencil over with your hand or a credit card to remove any air bubbles

If your stencil is large and then please refer to this post and affix stencil as shown

Peel the transfer tape of the stencil
Peel of the transfer tape slowly at a sharp angle. starting from one corner. If any areas stay stuck to the transfer tape lay back down and rub over until it sticks


Paint your vinyl stencil with brush, roller or spray paint
Paint your stencil. You can use brushes, dense foam roller or spray paint, depending on the size of your stencil and preferences. As this example is small, I used a brush with acrylic paint.


Remove your vinyl stencil
After painting remove your vinyl stencil. As I have used a rough wooden surface for this example some has transferred to the sticky stencil back…. The vinyl used is commonly used for wall graphics and so is great for any surface and will peel of no problems


remove any remaining vinyl areas
Finally you can remove any other areas of vinyl stencil that remain to leave your perfectly painted design

Thanks for reading and hopefully this tutorial answers all your questions, but if you do have any more questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us.


To go to our home decor and craft stencils shop please click www.idealstencils.co.uk

or if you want a bespoke logo, lettering, signage stencil making then please view our custom stencils page

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