Hi, Welcome to this new blog that I thought I would put together showcasing some of the varied requests we have been getting for our Custom Stencils Service 

Also hello to all the new followers to the blog – It’s great to have you all on board! If there is any stencil related content: questions/ how to’s etc… you think we should include here then just let us know and we will try and get the time to add it on.

2 layer Custom Fish Stencil from Ideal Stencils
2 layer Tropical Fish Stencil

This stencil was cut around 50cm in size and was sent out to the USA for a customer who is an artist and was using it to create a painting on canvas.

XL Monkey Stencil | Ideal Stencils | Bespoke Stencils
4×5 ft Monkey Stencil

This Particularly Chilled out Monkey with Headphones Stencil was cut over 4 sheets with the total painted design size being 4×5 ft. It is to be painted onto an exterior wall space. Larger designs are cut over multiple sheets and you can see they align perfectly.

Personalised Logo to Stencil by Ideal Stencils
Logo to Stencil design

This business wanted their logo turning into a stencil for advertising their brand. You can see that the original logo has been adapted and edited into a Stencil Friendly design.

Customised Stencil painted on a custom build Steampunk Motorcycle
Bespoke Stencil for Custom built Steampunk fashion Motorcycle

This was a detailed stencil for the purpose of painting warning information onto the outside of an ammo box. Just part of an amazing Custom Built Steampunk style motorcycle. We used our sticky backed film for this as it was detailed and the result wanted to be crisp.

Large letter Stencils SLOW intended for road marking
SLOW road marking stencil

These large 1 meter high letter Stencils were individually cut. The intended use was for painting warning signage onto the surface of a road. Our largest sheet sizes come in size 84x127cm.

Thanks again for reading and see you all next time. Remember if you want anything including just let us know and we will try and get the time to add it on.

web – idealstencils.co.uk

email – info@idealstencils.co.uk

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