Hello and welcome to Ideal Stencils. We are an online designer and retailer of home decor and art/craft stencils and we do what we love and love what we do!

We believe that stencilling is one of the most fun and creative ways to add decoration to your life… whether you are stencilling gift tags to tea towels or floors to furniture, stencilling gives amazing results and puts you in charge of the creative process. Get a feel for what we are all about in the attached image gallery.

Wall stencilling is a great more cost effective alternative to wallpapers and we love the hand painted natural finish that you get with stencilling. D.I.Y decorating puts more of yourself into each room, which in turn makes it more unique and adds to your personal pleasure of the spaces you create. Stencils are so versatile that they can be used for so many different decorative projects so from big wall stencils to small craft stencils, you can do it all with stencils.

We supply repeatable wallpaper effect stencils that can be used to repeat a design over a whole wall.  It is worth putting in the effort to get remarkable and beautiful hand painted results. Stencils look fab in a kids nursery with the hand painted finish being ideal for such an environment and plus you can use whatever paint colours you want to match the scheme of the room. We have a lovely selection of nursery stencils available in our shop.

How it all began…

etsy photo
Marcus Thorpe Director Ideal Stencils Ltd

I originally got interested in stencils through graffiti street art while at University doing an Art degree. I was struck by the stencil style aesthetic which was bold and full of energy and dynamism. The stencil as a tool seemed perfect for me. Once you had designed and cut the stencil you could repeat it as many times as you wanted, that was amazing like a mass production line of images coming from just one simple cut stencil. So from this starting point and realisation I started to learn how to cut and create successful stencil designs by hand, and after a while of learning all the right processes, I started designing and selling original hand spray painted stencil art on canvas via Ebay. This worked well for me but after a while It became apparent that there was a large demand for people wanting just the stencil. Ideal Stencils was born and we are now going from strength to strength working hard on new stencil designs and providing the stencils that you can use in your everyday lives to beautify the things around you, while having fun and a sense of accomplishment with what you produce.

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