Why does every business need a stencil?

Hello from Ideal Stencils.

We work on a daily basis with many kinds of businesses to create them custom designed and cut stencils for their business needs. In this blog we talk about how stencils can help your business and touch on some of the very varied ways in which they have been used.

Many trades are coming to us wanting stencils for marking their tools and equipment, roofers, builders etc. So they are looking for their name or logo. We can provide you with these stencils, in a durable material and in various sizes to allow you to quickly mark your tools and equipment.

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Photograph to custom stencil

Hello from Ideal Stencils.

Today we are going to home in on something that we get  quite a few enquiries about and that’s if we can turn a photo into a stencil…

The good news is Yes! And we are going to explain how to contact us about this service and some guidelines for supplying your photo files. Your stencil could be used for a variety of purposes from painting up a load of fun T shirts for  a friends party, stag do, to decorating a personalised cake, or creating your own art work.

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Ideal Stencils & the Calais jungle

Hello from Ideal Stencils, We have recently done some stencils for a recently set up charity called Jungle Canopy.  They are trying to do their bit for the refugee crisis in Calais.  They drive donated or cheaply purchased caravans over to Calais and give them to refugee families with small vulnerable children. It is a very worth while cause and we were happy to help them out with some stencils for marking their caravans with their logo. We also sent some other stencils that could be used for art and craft groups within the camp run by volunteers.

Dave King from the charity was happy to give us some more insight into life in the Calais camp and the story of  the guy spray painting the stencil in our image.

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Our custom stencil service is ‘Ideal’

A big hello from Ideal Stencils! We take on a lot of orders for custom stencils from businesses both large and small as well as individuals needing a bespoke stencil for whatever project they have in mind.

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