Stencil project gallery March 2017

Hello, It has been so super busy at Ideal Stencils, that I have not have any time to spend on the blog…apologies.

We have had a massive web site face lift, making the new shop look 10 times better than it did. New banner designs have been added, new product ranges created and updated graphics make the site look SO much better, has been taking priority and has been well worth it! Our custom stencil cutting service which brings in many requests each day, has been growing in popularity and we love to get so many varied and interesting projects to work on. Continue reading “Stencil project gallery March 2017”

T shirt stencilling with fabric paint

Welcome back! Today’s blog from Ideal Stencils is going to be all about How to stencil a T shirt. We are going to be using our Buddha stencil and fabric paints to personalise and create a unique T shirt design. This is a quick and easy project and great fun too! You can apply this tutorial to stencilling onto any fabrics – cushion covers, table cloths, aprons, tea towels, curtains, what ever fabric you want to personalise, be unique and do it with easy to use stencils. Continue reading “T shirt stencilling with fabric paint”

Up-cycle old furniture using stencils

Up-cycling furniture is massive at the  moment. You can find great second hand furniture at next to nothing and revamp it in your own way. Using stencils is a great way to add pattern and design to the items. They are simple and easy to use and the results are amazing. Be as creative as you want and make some thing to be proud of. We have a great range of french style shabby chic stencils available in our shop as well as many other pattern and craft stencils.  They all come in various sizes so they can be used for both small and large projects. So what are you waiting for!… grab some stencils and get creating.

See some images we have been sent from our creative customers of furniture decorated using our stencils. See you next time!


“Banksy Stencils” I hear you spray

Hello, Welcome to another blog from Ideal Stencils, the home of home decor, art craft and custom cut stencils.

Our Banksy Stencils range is bursting with inspiration from small rat stencils to large mural sized sweeping maids. The stencils are fully reusable and great fun to use. You simply tape up the stencil with some masking tape (a spray on the back with some spray mount for smooth surfaces and crisper edges) and then spray your own Banksy in a matter of seconds. Great for both indoor and outdoor use. Continue reading ““Banksy Stencils” I hear you spray”