Hello, Recently we were doing some personal stencilling projects that we wanted to share on the blog. A friend was having  a hen party and we made her a personalised  ‘BRIDE’ vest to give as a present. She loves skulls, so we also personalised it on the back with a  skull motif. We used gold paint for that one on a  black T shirt. Then with the skull stencil and an eager daughter at the ready, we found out a top and stencilled her, her own unique skull T shirt. Kids love stencilling, it is engaging creative and simple to do. Continue reading “T SHIRT AND SKULL STENCILLING TUTORIAL”

Ideal Stencils: Customer stencils pics No.1

Hello From Ideal Stencils. Things have been getting very busy on the stencil front. With loads of custom requests and interesting little projects going on. We always really appreciate it when customers send us in pictures of what they have used the stencils for. I’ve sieved through the sent in photo’s and picked out some of the varied ways in which our stencils have recently been used. We can create custom stencils for any purpose in any size and on a selection of film thickness’s.  Just send us an email to info@idealstencils.co.uk, tell us what you want and attach a design if you have one…On with he show…

dog and parrot famous face stencils on pub Continue reading “Ideal Stencils: Customer stencils pics No.1”

Chevron Stencil ‘D’ for decoration

Hello from Ideal Stencils! Stencils can be used to paint and add decoration to any surface. In this project we are using our Chevron stencil and transforming a rather bland, plain white wall letter initial into something with more colour and pattern. Chevron patterns are really on trend at the moment. They can be used in any room of the house and the pattern is bold, geometric and modern. Our stencils are great for wall decor and also smaller sizes can be used for other projects such as this one.

CHEVRON STENCIL PROJECT MATERIALS Continue reading “Chevron Stencil ‘D’ for decoration”

stencilled hand painted Christmas wrapping paper

Hi all from Ideal Stencils. So today we are going to be getting festive and crafty and making ourselves some great home made Christmas wrapping paper with the help of our cute robin and berries stencil from our Christmas stencils shop section. Hand painting your own unique wrapping paper will set your present out amongst the others under the tree!

For this project this is what we needed – Brown wrapping paper cut to size, paints (emulsion/acrylics) dense foam roller, stencilling brush, robin and berries stencil, repositionable spray mount.

make your own stencil wrapping paper materials Continue reading “stencilled hand painted Christmas wrapping paper”