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We have recently acquired a new stencilling material in stock and we are very excited about it! It is a 250 microns , pvc, self adhesive, reusable stencilling film. It is great for a simple peel and stick application. The adhesive is strong and long lasting, but does not leave a residue or mark the surface you are working on. Once applied and painted the stencil can be simply peeled off and returned to its backing sheet for further uses. Continue reading “NEW IN – SELF ADHESIVE STENCILLING FILM”

“Banksy Stencils” I hear you spray

Hello, Welcome to another blog from Ideal Stencils, the home of home decor, art craft and custom cut stencils.

Our Banksy Stencils range is bursting with inspiration from small rat stencils to large mural sized sweeping maids. The stencils are fully reusable and great fun to use. You simply tape up the stencil with some masking tape (a spray on the back with some spray mount for smooth surfaces and crisper edges) and then spray your own Banksy in a matter of seconds. Great for both indoor and outdoor use. Continue reading ““Banksy Stencils” I hear you spray”

London Film Festival / Ideal Stencils

A big HELLO from Ideal Stencils. This time we are excited to share some news about some custom stencils we recently supplied to Ignition creative  which were used to create the image for the new London Film Festival 2016 advertising campaign. They supplied the art work to us and we supplied the stencils that were suitable for their needs. The project involved applying glitter through the stencil to create the desired effect for the advertisement image.

Here are a few images that we were grateful to receive from the day of the shoot showing how the process was undertaken and the brilliant final result.

Continue reading “London Film Festival / Ideal Stencils”


Hello, Recently we were doing some personal stencilling projects that we wanted to share on the blog. A friend was having  a hen party and we made her a personalised  ‘BRIDE’ vest to give as a present. She loves skulls, so we also personalised it on the back with a  skull motif. We used gold paint for that one on a  black T shirt. Then with the skull stencil and an eager daughter at the ready, we found out a top and stencilled her, her own unique skull T shirt. Kids love stencilling, it is engaging creative and simple to do. Continue reading “T SHIRT AND SKULL STENCILLING TUTORIAL”