Hello, Recently we were doing some personal stencilling projects that we wanted to share on the blog. A friend was having  a hen party and we made her a personalised  ‘BRIDE’ vest to give as a present. She loves skulls, so we also personalised it on the back with a  skull motif. We used gold paint for that one on a  black T shirt. Then with the skull stencil and an eager daughter at the ready, we found out a top and stencilled her, her own unique skull T shirt. Kids love stencilling, it is engaging creative and simple to do. Continue reading “T SHIRT AND SKULL STENCILLING TUTORIAL”

Top Stencilling FAQ’S – How to stencil tips and hints

Hello, Welcome to our new blog from Ideal Stencils

So you want to know the basics of stencilling and not sure what it’s all about or you have got your first stencil and you want to know what materials you need and how to go about your project to get the best results. This blog puts alot of helpful info in one place and will guide you through your journey into stencilling and give you all the hints and tips you will need to know. Continue reading “Top Stencilling FAQ’S – How to stencil tips and hints”

Chevron Stencil ‘D’ for decoration

Hello from Ideal Stencils! Stencils can be used to paint and add decoration to any surface. In this project we are using our Chevron stencil and transforming a rather bland, plain white wall letter initial into something with more colour and pattern. Chevron patterns are really on trend at the moment. They can be used in any room of the house and the pattern is bold, geometric and modern. Our stencils are great for wall decor and also smaller sizes can be used for other projects such as this one.

CHEVRON STENCIL PROJECT MATERIALS Continue reading “Chevron Stencil ‘D’ for decoration”


Hello again from Ideal stencils today we are going to be looking at some of the effects that you can achieve using a stencil brush. A stencil brush is different from a normal paint brush  because it has a circular head of stiff packed bristles that is designed to stop paint from getting under your stencil. You don’t need to use a lot of paint while stencilling… always remember to wipe extra paint off your brush! Continue reading “HOW TO: STENCIL BRUSH TECHNIQUES & EFFECTS”


Stencilling a feature wall is a great way to inject some colour and pattern and transform a room. The great thing about stencilling is that you can choose exactly the paint colour combinations of your choice. So you can be bright and bold or neutral and subtle. To some it may seem like an impossible task that is going to be laborious and take ages. Wrong. Home decor wall stencilling is fun and easy to do and when using a dense foam roller it doesn’t take as long as you would think. This feature wall took us about 2 hours to complete.

peacock feather stencilling blog Continue reading “PEACOCK FEATHER WALL PATTERN STENCILLING”